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SYRIA: Over 700 militants lay down arms in Homs and Sweida


Syrian militants embraced the chance to be pardoned and decide to lay down their arms.

Reports appear that about 600 militants, that had surrendered to the government, have been pardoned in Sweida during a national event at the Sweida Branch building of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

During the event, Governor of Sweida Amer Ibrahim al-Beshi emphasized that the option remains for people who have lost their way to lay down arms and be pardoned.

In a separate development, some 130 militants been pardoned after they laid arms down on Wednesday in accordance with the amnesty decree No.15 for 2016.

According to reports, the militants were from various parts of the Homs province, including the cities of Homs, al-Rastan, Tal Biseh and Palmyra.


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