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Surgeons conducted a skull replacement operation on a 3-year-old girl

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A little Chinese 3-year-old girl had successfully gone through a skull replacement operation. After 17 hours, surgeons have successfully implemented a 3D-printed titanium alloy substitute.

Because the child had hydrocephalus, surgeons had to replace the entire top portion of the child’s skull. When a person has this disease, it means that cerebro-spinal fluid is accumulating in their brain cavities. Because of this, head is swelling. This child’s head was four times larger than it should be. Because her head was too heavy, she was bound to stay in bed.

The surgeons used 3D-printing technology to print three pieces of titanium mesh substitute.

Even though the operation was successful, the little girl Han Han will most likely go through additional operations.

Funds for this surgery were raised by an Internet crowdfunding campaign. This operation costs around $64,000 – $80,000.

Neurosurgeons in the Netherlands performed a similar procedure in 2014.



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