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Supermoon, eclipse & asteroid all happening on same day next week


The week ahead of us will have a lot in store for us. Supermoon, eclipse and an asteroid flyby will take place within 24 hours.

The looming event has sent online doomsday predictors into a frenzy, particularly as NASA admits it is uncertain of the orbital path and has given estimates as close as 19,000 miles away to as far as 11 million miles.

The uncertainty over the pass coupled with the fact some online doom-mongers were predicting an asteroid would smash into earth in March 2016 several months ago, has fuelled the latest fears.

March 8 will also see a total solar eclipse in some parts of the globe, and a massive super full moon – the first of 2016.

In a video entitled ‘Armageddon March 8th???’, YouTube filmmaker Mike Morales questioned how NASA could say for sure it would not strike the planet, saying they didn’t have the evidence to back it up either way.

Speaking of the total eclipse and super moon, he said: “We also have asteroid 2013 TX68 coming the exact same day and what they are saying is we won’t be able to see or track it with a telescope because it is coming from the sun’s side.

Video subtitles said: “The super moon will line up with the sun to create a larger than average effect on earth’s oceans.”

The odd astronomical trio has seen the religious doom mongers enter the ring as well with their own prophecies.

Well NASA said it is certain it will not hit us or pose any danger this year, although this is a very slim outside chance of a strike next year.

Professor Gary Shogren, a former pastor who studied the New Testament at Aberdeen University, said: “You’ll never go broke predicting the apocalypse”.



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