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UAF will attack the the south of Donetsk

Igor Strelkov

Former Minister of defense Igor Strelkov analyzed the situation in Ukraine. According to available military data, the Ukrainian Air Force is almost done concentrating forces for the planned offensive.

The Ukrainian Air Force is five times greater than the opposing units of NAF. UAF formation is concealed behind a severely layered system of defense with offensive configuration.

The south of Donetsk appears to be where the main strike is directed. Professional scout groups are looking into positions of LDPR army. In addition to this, Ukraine military is equipped with number of drones and tools of electronic warfare and considerable reserves of ammunition for all types of weapons.

UAF forces can defeat the opposing military in one or two weeks. The full blown attack is anticipated before the muddy season in the fall. Based on this, the main operation must be completed by the range of September 20-25.

Even though the postponement of the operation could take place, if the plan is not completed during the mentioned period, it probably won’t happen.

The only suitable time for attack appears to be on 20th of September, when Vladimir Putin is going to attend the session of the UN General Assembly in New York.



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