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US and NATO can’t fight Russia on multiple fronts

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US military analyst disclosed that splurging $600 billion a year on defense does not necessarily mean that the US can overthrow Russia in an attack.

It has been revealed that US and NATO are unable to fight Russia on multiple fronts. Russia has the power and resources to fight along their borders and in different regions.

According to Four Star US Army General, Ray Odierno, only 33 percent of the US Army’s fighting brigades are ready to be involved in a conflict with Russia. However, 60% is a number which is required to be effective in the case of conflict.

The difference between a number of troops garrisoned today in Europe and during the Cold War is quite evident. Today, there are 31,000 troops in contrast to 250,000 US troops during the Cold War.

Tyler Rogoway added that it is quite disappointing that a budget of $600 billion a year is spent on defense and that the US remains uncertain whether they would defeat Russia in a conventional conflict.


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