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South Korea On High Alert As 50 North Korea Submarines ‘Go Missing’


Fifty North Korea submarines left their bases and their location is unknown.

It seems that their position can’t be identified due to the outdated technology and because there are too many of them.

It is believed that at least one of North Korea’s submarines is equipped with a ballistic missile. This belief is based on some photographs released by North Korea in which ballistic missile was fired from a submerged submarine.

According to spokesman of South Korean Defense Ministry, North Korea is increasing the number of artillery forces in the front line.

According to South Korea’s president, they expect the North to apologize for the recent provocations in order to discontinue their loudspeaker broadcasts.

Even though the dialogue between two parties took place, it seems that neither North or South Korea is willing to back down.

The situation has escalated in the last few weeks and at the moment the standoff is quite serious.

The tension was increased after two soldiers were injured by land mines. It is believed that North Korea is responsible for this incident. However, they keep denying it.

As a response to this incident, South Korea has continued its propaganda broadcasts through loudspeakers for the first time since 2004.

North Korea considers any negative talk of its leader as an offense to the nation.

Furthermore, North Korea fired shells into South Korea’s territory. South Korea responded with a barrage of artillery.

North Korea is even threatening South Korea, saying that if they don’t stop the broadcast, they will face serious consequences.

In case North Korea initiates and attack, South Korea will respond with the same force.



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