Sunday , March 26 2017
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Snowden revealed: The message that ISIS will attack Britain was faked


The last ISIS video is considered as a direct threat to Britain. However, the entire message is a fake.

Snowden says that the coded messages at the end of the video are fake, suggesting that the video itself may also be fraudulent, and possibly the result of Western propaganda.

Writing on Twitter, he pointed out that the ID for the encryption key shown in the video has an incorrect number of characters, and also found that the purported ‘starting date’ of the Isis operation mentioned in the message came three days earlier than the creation of the key which encrypted it.

He also suggested that by placing these images of “spooky” encryption alongside images of David Cameron, who wants to ban end-to-end encryption in the UK, means Isis sees an advantage in the West “limiting access to strong security.”

It has been reported that members of Isis in Syria have used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to communicate and spread their message overseas. Similar reports, such as a story which claimed the Paris terrorists had used the PlayStation online gaming network to communicate, led to renewed calls for the government to crack down on encryption.



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