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Shocking: The US and Russia are getting closer to a direct war in Syria


The latest reports reveal that Russia has abandoned U.S. military agreement over Syria. However, Russia claims that their actions are a response to the US actions.

The US accused Russia of “aggressive” and “unsafe” manoeuvres after two Su-24 strike aircraft flew within 30ft of an American destroyer in the Baltic. Across Europe, Russian fighters and bombers have been intercepted while probing the air defences of Nato countries.

The US and Russia held military-to-military talks last year designed to prevent incidents of this kind from occurring over Syria.

The result was a memorandum of understanding last October, stating that all Russian and American jets would stay a safe distance away from one another and communicate in English via recognised radio channels.

But a new analysis from Chatham House says that Russia has routinely broken this agreement. While striking the enemies of Bashar al-Assad’s regime on the ground, the Russian air force has also carried out “aggressive and provocative manoeuvres against Western aircraft in Syria,” said Keir Giles, an associate fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House.

The October agreement between America and Russia unravelled within weeks. Last November, the US Air Force deployed 12 F-15 jets to Incirlik air base in southern Turkey. Half of these were F-15C Eagles, designed for air-to-air combat.

Russia appears to have viewed the arrival of these warplanes as a potential threat to its own air force. While over Syria, the F-15s became a particular target for Russian pilots who “took the opportunity to practise aggressive manoeuvring against US aircraft, including positioning for simulated attacks,” said Mr Giles.

Two jets have already been lost over Syria: a Russian bomber was shot down by Turkey last November and a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft destroyed by Syrian air defences in 2012. A similar incident involving the Russian and US Air Forces – or the warplanes of any Nato country, including Britain – would risk a grave international crisis.

Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced a partial Russian withdrawal from Syria. But about 20 of the Kremlin’s jets are still based in the country, where they continue to mount regular raids against Assad’s enemies.

This force represents half of Russia’s peak deployment of about 40 fighters and bombers. In addition, Russia has sent up to 20 helicopters to the country, most of which are still there.


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    Maybe the Russian pilots are sick of watching the Coalition Ladies muck around all the time instead of getting into it and doing there job. Can just picture the coalition pilots,” he was so close i had to change my nappy” well wake up and stop sooken and do your bloody job.

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