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Sen. Rand Paul: Using force against Russia is inadequate tactic – VIDEO

Sen. Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul expressed his opinion on the matters related to Russia’s military operation during the interview on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. He is a republican presidential candidate.

He said that the idea of some presidential candidates of stopping every communication with Russia is not good. They also call for using aggression as a way to deal with Russia. Such approach was avoided during the Cold War, so the question is why to do that now?

He is also against the establishment of a no-fly zone. He considers it a disastrous choice.

In order to solve the current situation, he suggested that reasons for getting to the critical point should be analyzed.

As Syria, Iraq, and Iran gave permission to Russia to conduct its military operations in Syria, it is impossible to demand that Russia stops the military actions.

Those against Russia’s actions are impotent to stop Russia when Syria, Iraq, and Iran want Russia to be present in Syria.

Sen. Rand Paul stated that the US has to develop a strategy and a clear stance. The best way to do this is without calling for further altercations. The US must keep open lines of communication with Russia in order to express its opinion on the current matters.


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