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British tourists are evacuated due to another Tunisian attack


Tunisian special forces killed five Islamic extremists who were about to initiate another killing spree. There were eight suspects, and three managed to escape.

Thousands of British tourists left the country. About 3000 people decided to return home after the Foreign Office warned that the chances of another ISIS attack were high.

It was reported that the suspects were taken down in a swift action by Tunisian Special Forces.

Even though tourists decided to return home, they stated that they felt the government had overreacted. However, foreign Secretary Philip Hammond defended his decision by stating that it was carefully thought over.

Some of the tourists reported that they felt safer here than back home because the streets of Sousse are covered with Army trucks and police. David Magliano who is a managing director of membership at the Guardian newspaper said that the number of police just gives a false sense of safety and that they are not going to prevent anything. He was there on a family holiday. He added that Tunisia’s tourism industry will suffer terribly because of this.

Many British tourists expressed their disappointment when they returned home. They feel like the officials have reacted irrationally. They felt safe because there were a lot of people walking around with guns on the beaches protecting them.

In last month’s terror attack 30 Britons were killed by ISIS terrorist Rezgui.

Warnings have been issued by The Foreign Office stating that further terrorist attacks were likely to target tourist resorts inspired by terrorist groups on the internet.




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