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Scandalous wedding with a complex background


Marriage between Nazhud Guchigov (50), Chechen police officer, and Kheda Goilabiyeva (17) started with scandal.

This event caused an explosive reaction of the general public. Marrying Guchigov, Goilabiyeva became his second wife last weekend. Reportedly, this young girl was forced to marry a man three times older than her.

In the background of this wedding is a conflict between Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who also attended the wedding and who is a close ally of Vladimir Putin, and Russian federal law enforcement agencies.

Kadyrov helped Putin to restore and maintain stability in Chechnya, but in return Putin gave him permission to turn the North Caucasus into his own fiefdom and gave him protection from being criticized and punished for his illegal actions. The relationship between them is more than that, it is personal. Because of this friendship, Kadyrov encouraged Chechens to fight in Ukraine on the side of pro-Russian rebels. On the other hand, Kadyrov has freedom to skip federal controls. Not just that, he was allowed to adopt some Islamic rules providing men in Chechnya with the possibility to take several wives.


Relations between two parties, Russian federal law enforcement agencies and Kadyrov, escalated after the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Shortly after the murder of Nemtsov, investigators apprehended five suspects, all of them were Chechen.

This was the opportunity for the federal law enforcement agencies to get back at Kadyrov, but not everything happened according to plan. First, they were not able to get to a suspect on Chechen territory, where he was protected. They kept trying, and they organized a raid into Chechnya. This move ended in killing a man who resisted arrest, which consequentially angered Kadyrov, who then ordered killing of any member of the police from outside of Chechnya. After some time, the situation calmed down, but the murder of Nemtsov remained unsolved.


Kadyrov gained everyone’s attention again, when the story about the wedding between a 17-year-old girl and 50-year-old police officer was published. According to the independent newspaper, the girl was forced into this marriage, while Kadyrov claimed the opposite.

The bride herself said at some point that nobody forced her to get married, but during the ceremony it was obvious that Kadyrov’s chief of staff followed her every move.

The name of Kadyrov is closely tied to numerous incidents, and it is clear that federal law enforcement agencies want to make him obey the rules like everybody else.

After the numerous incidents, people started speculating about Kadyrov’s dismissal. However, some people don’t believe he is going to be dismissed, because they are convinced that Kadyrov enjoys full Putin’s trust, when it comes to stability in Chechnya. They also use the example of this scandalous wedding, because Kadyrov managed to push it through, regardless of strong reactions of the public. Once again, he proved his influence and power.


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