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Russian Spetsnaz special units will join the fight against IS – VIDEO

Russian Spetsnaz special units

Russian special units known as Spetsnaz will be joining the fight in Syria. These special units will be used in an open attack on terrorist groups who are against the regime. Spetsnaz stands for Special Purpose Soldiers.

Spetsnaz units are highly trained units used in direct fights. According to a military source, Spetsnaz and air-assault troops will be used to ultimately destroy the rebels. They are trained to use any means possible to wipe out anyone who is fighting against Assad.

If they succeed in doing this, Russia’s position in the Middle East will be strengthened.

Russian air strikes have already been launched at rebel positions, al-Qaeda affiliates and CIA-trained and MI6-backed rebel groups.

Spetsnaz units were previously engaged in wars in Chechnya. They are known as the harshest members of the military.

They fought against local jihad units in a revenge mission for slaughters done to Russian troops and civilians.

Apparently, the US will also increase their actions against IS. However, NATO is concerned over the fact that Russia is also fighting rebels in Syria. According to NATO, Russia must concentrate their fight on IS.

In addition to all this, Saudi clerics decided to gather support for those who are fighting against Syria.


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