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Russian soldier who called in an airstrike on himself in Palmyra is a father–to–be

russian soldier

Russian Soldier who performed a heroic act in which numerous ISIS terrorists died will never know that he was supposed to be a father.

Russian soldier Aleksandr Prokhorenko called in an air strike to take out ISIS fighters who would have surely captured him otherwise.

He was 25 years old from a village in the Urals region of Russia. Along with his younger brother who is also in officer training he looked up to his family members who were soldiers before him:

He began training at the Army Air Defense Corps Military Academy straight after leaving school, and graduated the academy with honors.

He was wedded 18 months ago and the couple were expecting their first child. His wife Katya does not know if it’s a boy or a girl.

His family did not know he was in combat in Syria:

“Nobody knew exactly where Sasha (Alexander) was serving, they said it was somewhere in the special forces,” said Natalya Meshkova, headteacher of Gorodetskoy Middle School, which Alexander attended.

“He graduated our school with a silver medal, he was first in all competitions and the school won them thanks to him. He was one of those people who was never afraid, regardless of the situation. For everybody, he is a hero.”

“We would like to name our school after him,” said Nadezhda Rusinova, a teacher at the school.



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