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‘Russian Robocop’ defies raging Islamists with epic death stare



Russian policeman was captured by Islamists. A few moments before he was shot, he advised his colleagues to continue their fight.

You don’t mess with the Russians

Magomed Nurbagandov refused to tell colleagues to stop fighting and instead gave his captors a chilling death star before calmly declaring “keep working brothers”.

He was later shot dead but the cop’s become a martyr in his homeland.

The 31-year-old was forced to his knees by terrorists who raided his camp in Dagestan, Russia.

The four militants murdered his cousin in front of him before pulling out their phones to record Magomed’s death.

Despite his four attackers bringing out lethal weapons, he fired back an icy cold stare and defiantly said: “Keep on working brothers. What else is there to say?”

They then aimed their weapons and shot him in the head – killing him instantly.

The following footage is distressing.

The incident took place on July 10 but footage has come to light after a unit of anti-terror officers smashed the terror gang in raids this weekend.

The four terrorists were stopped by a heavily-armed police team and authorities in Russia are now working on ensuring Magomed is given a posthumous award.

Irina Volk, spokesperson for the Russian Interior Ministry, said: “In days to come, the leadership of the ministry will meet with Magomed Nurbagandov’s family to personally thank his parents for bringing up such a decent son.”


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