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Unmanned aerial vehicles can be disabled by the latest Russian technology


A microwave based weapon was developed by a state-owned Russian defense firm, United Instrument Manufacturing Corp. This super-high-frequency weapon is capable of disabling unmanned aerial vehicles and warheads. It operates from a 360-degree, 10-kilometer range.

This new weapon will be presented privately during Russian Army Expo from June 16-19.

Characteristics of this weapon include the ability to incapacitate unmanned vehicle’s cameras and radios, making the UAV into projectile with its purpose.

UIMC spokesman described this weapon as highly equipped system with a high-power relativistic generator and reflector antenna, management, control system and a transmission system, which is placed on the chassis of BUK surface-to-air missile systems. It also provides defense at 360 degrees if it is attached to a a special platform.

It has been reported that a similar microwave weapon is being developed by the US. This weapon under the name of “Counter-electronics high-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project” will be capable of shutting down computers, radio communication and other electronic functions to disable a resistance of a building.

Russian microwave gun also has other capabilities and those are suppressing the radio equipment of low-altitude aircraft and the ability to scramble the guidance, precision systems in drones and assault vehicles on the ground.


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