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Russian military build impenetrable closed internet – and mocks US technology


It is believed that Russia has the Internet that is considered as impenetrable. Such technology protects Russia from hacking attempts.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is prone to hacking, as shown in the recent cyber attacks on the US which led to outages on giants including Twitter, Amazon and Spotify, for which Russia has been largely blamed, so the Eastern European powerhouse has upped its security measures.

The electronic communication system is independent from the WWW and is unable to be connected to unless it is from a verified and licensed computer.

Russia has dubbed the project the ‘Closed Data Transfer Segment’, with servers set to be found in every military unit across the country once it is officially rolled out.

The structure is practically the same as WWW but it will only be available to those using a computer that utilises an operating system developed by the Russian Military.

The Closed Data Transfer Segment is partially state-run and partially military-run, according to a source in the Defence Military who explained the concept to Russian media.

Russian presidential adviser for internet issues, German Klimenko has said that the WWW is unsafe as it is all closely linked.

He explained: “Anything that is connected can be broken into and therefore is not safe.”

Dmitry Burkov, head of the Russian Foundation for Development of Internet Technology and Infrastructure, heralded the invention, while simultaneously taking a swipe at his US counterparts.

Mr Burkov said: “Americans have had quite a lot of holes in their network.

“They were changing network protocols on-the-go and besides, they had a lot of separate networks for every branch of forces and lastly – their system has too many connection points with the internet, which raises the danger of unsecure access.

“As far as I understand, Edward Snowden has been working for one of the NSA’s subcontractors and had access to this network which allowed him to gain access to the data that he made public.

“I hope our people have not made similar mistakes when they planned the network and that they have taken additional security measures.”


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