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Russian marines begin military operations in Syria

russian marines

Russian marines are also present in Syria. Even though their role was advisory, this could change into a military operation.

For nearly two weeks, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) was on the offensive in the east Homs countryside, targeting important sites like the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields and the T-4 Military Airport.

ISIS seized the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields from the Syrian Armed Forces last week, paving the way for their recent offensive to capture the Syrian government’s primary airport in east Homs.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 525th Regiment of the 18th Tank Division was under heavy attack near the T-4 Airport; this prompted a direct military intervention from their Russian advisers.

In just two days, the Russian Marines helped the Syrian Armed Forces recapture the initiative in east Homs, while also recovering several points near the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields and T-4 Military Airport.

Now, with the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” pushing south towards the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields, Russian Marines can go back to their original role, which includes advising the Syrian Armed Forces.


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