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Russian HAARP: Putin paid 6.7 million euros to provide sunny day over Moscow on Victory Day

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In order to prevent precipitation over the Red Square in Moscow, Putin is ready to pay as much as 6.7 million euros for the use of Soviet technology that should guarantee the sun during the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Russian president Vladimir Putin wants to ensure that nothing can ruin the celebration of Victory Day, not even rain. This event is at the same time the 15th anniversary of Putin’s inauguration, reports British Daily Mail.

The day before the parade, the fleet of Russian aircrafts is on standby from 6 am. It is ready to fly from air bases north of Moscow and spray special chemicals over dense clouds, in order to release the raindrops before they reach the ground.

Even though it will be a sunny day in Moscow, or at least a day without precipitation, villages located 60 to 90km away from the capital will be flooded. Even 10 Antonovs and Ilyushins will be ready for spraying this special chemical mixture that alters weather.

A record amount of 400 million rubles was paid this year for the system established by Stalin. Army spokesman Vladimir Dirk told that planes are already in the Chkalovsky air base, they are ready to “fix” the weather if needed.

Specially renovated An-26 and An-12 transportation planes with reagents are being used for the purposes of cloud spraying. Some planes are equipped with special devices to drive cartridges containing silver mixture, explained Dirk.

Dispersal of clouds can be done by spraying cocktail of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Cold particles freeze the drops of water, they get bigger and eventually fall out of clouds in the form of snow which turns into rain before reaching the ground.

This way rain clouds will not even make it to Moscow. This technique is used worldwide to prevent fog at airports, reduce the hail damage or to enhance snow in ski resorts.

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