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Russia wants to isolate Runet from the World Wide Web


Based on the latest claims, Russia wants to block the use of the World Wide Web. The claims were made by a senior industry executive.

The tests were already conducted to cut Russia off the World Wide Web. This is described as the possible scenario in case of a domestic political crisis.

Traffic control system, DPI, was used to block traffic to foreign communications channels. This has been ordered by Russia’s Ministry of communications and Roskomnadzor, the national internet regulator.

The purpose of these tests was to establish whether Runet can function apart from the global internet.

The test failed because numerous smaller internet providers continued to pass information out of the country. Fifty percent of the Russian internet market is held by smaller internet providers.

Roskomnadzor spokesman denied allegations that such experiment ever took place.

There are rumors that this test was ordered by Vladimir Putin. It was conducted in July 2015. The purpose of this test was to establish whether Russian domains .ru or .рф can operate in isolation from other parts of the Internet. Russia’s authorities also wanted to find out if the Russian internet Runet can work on its own, in case Western countries imposed sanctions.

According to Mr Soldatov, the real purpose of this is to prevent the flow of information from and to Russia in case a domestic political emergency happens.

Mr Soldatov added that the idea of the Chinese model of censorship on an internet system can hardly happen in Russia. The reason behind this is that it has grown a lot over the last 20 years.

Russia has already introduced a lot of internet laws which restrict the freedom of internet use.


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