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Russia might increase mil. presence in Belarus


According to senior Russian defense ministry official, if the United States proceeds with its plans to place troops and heavy weapons in Eastern Europe, Russia is threatening to increase its military presence on its “western flank”. In case such actions of both Washington and Moscow are to take place, it will represent a change back to the military stance of the Cold War.

General Yuri Yakubov explained that Russia would have no other choice but to increase its troops and forces on the western flank. Even though Pentagon has not confirmed such plans, NATO members Poland and Lithuania will likely be host locations of the troops and weapons. Both countries share a border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.  Since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, there won’t be any bases on its territory.

During the next meeting of NATO defense ministers in Warsaw, US could be permitted to locate forces in Eastern Europe. While the US waits for the official approval, they continue to review the best possible locations.

Even though nothing is official yet, Russia is going to increase the number of tanks, artillery and air units on its Western border. Confirmation of such actions will be given by Kremlin when Pentagon announces its military deployment.


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