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Russia started preparations for the Turkish land invasion in Syria


Russia is getting ready for a possible ground conflict with Turkish forces in Syria.

A source close to Syrian President Bashar Assad said to Al-Rai, “The Americans were caught napping by the quick advancements on the ground brought on by the Russian offensive, it turned the tide of the war and now the Americans are contradicting themselves, UN resolution 2254 reaffirms in point 8 the 2249 resolution (2015) that all member states should fight against ISIS and Al-Nusra and all other groups, individuals that support them, and that aforementioned ceasefire will not apply to these groups and individuals and that they ought to be eradicated”

The source elaborates, “Secretary Kerry is not only going against UN resolutions that he himself is quoting, but worse still he is defending Al-Qaeda and their affiliate groups that are run by ex-Guantanamo prisoners, so to stop the military operations around Aleppo against The Army of Conquest is not solely about helping the citizens of Nubl and Al-Zahraa.

The main purpose of such a call is to prevent the SAA from eradicating Al-Qaeda et al from Aleppo and its country side, these areas are not under siege since they are linked to Idlib and the Turkish border”

According to the same source Kerry is also defending “Harakat Sham al-Islam” who were founded by an ex-prisoner in Guantanamo bay detention camp, Ibrahim bin Shakran, (Abu-Ahmad Al-Muhajir) whose a Moroccan national that was killed in April 2014, and was replaced by Mohammad Mizouz (Abu-Iz Al-Muhajir), who was captured by US military personnel on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

He used to be in Guantanamo bay detention camp, and is now fighting alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria and was named in the US terror list back in September 2014, and there are other movements that are sponsored by Turkey such as the Syrian Turkmen Brigade, Sultan Murad Brigade, Sultan Muhammad Fatih battalion, Nur Al-Din Zinki movement along with others.

All these groups are cooperating with Al-Qaeda even though UN resolution states that we are supposed to work together to eradicate them, and that the ceasefire agreements does not include them.

But more dangerous is Moscow’s statement that it has “strong grounds to believe that Turkey is preparing for a ground incursion into Syria”.

The source comments, “Russia has red lines that it will allow no one to cross, Russia is preparing a strong Syrian military unit that will serve to repel any Turkish ground incursions, Damascus has the right to defend its borders, and will not stay silent anymore to any aerial violations of Syrian sovereignty, and is preparing for any ground offensive by the Turks with aerial bombardment and ground shelling. Russia considers any plane

Russia considers any plane not operating within the US-Russia coordination agreement to be a threat and will be shot down, Russia has also taken further precaution by deploying the S-400 missile system, and has brought in Su-35 that is in service for the first time, and it has further upgraded the Syrians’ MiG-29’s in case they are needed to repel any Turkish advancements. The Kremlin wanted to send to Turkey a message that says any incursion by you will be met by

The Kremlin wanted to send to Turkey a message that says any incursion by you will be met by force not diplomacy”.




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