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Land in Pacific Rim is given for free to Russians


Russia wants to stop a further decline in population on the Pacific rim. The plan is to give the land to Russian citizens to use it for farming, living or similar purposes.

People who have lived there for five years can afterwards own it for free or sell it.

According to a public research, 30 million Russians are ready to take this opportunity. It seems that 28% will set up individual self-reliance households on their land, 19% wish to become farmers and 16% will use this opportunity to change the place of residence.

Minister Alexander Galushka stated that far eastern population can be increased from 6.4 million to 36 million people.

Every Russian citizen has a chance to receive one hectare of land in the Far East for free. After five years, the person will be given the opportunity to become the owner of it for free. However, if the land is not properly used, it will be taken away.

Even though this plan gives an opportunity to many people to change their lives, some are suspicious and believe that land might end up in the wrong hands. It is believed that tycoons will obtain the land and pass it onto Chinese who wish to find a sustainable land for agriculture.

It has been noted that the land will be given to Russian people, like it was said. However, the fear exists that the same land will be rented for 100 years to the Chinese.

Such suspicions are based on the 1990s story of vouchers, which quickly ended in the hands of powerful people who used it for their own advantage.

If the program is legally approved, it will start on 1 January 2016 and run for 19 years.


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