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Russia’s military experts are present in Syria


According to a Syrian military official, Russia’s military experts are present in Syria. Their only mission is to help Syrian authorities with arms shipments sent from Russia.

US Officials worry that Russia is reinforcing to aid Assad. They have forced nearby countries to deny their air space to Russian flights.

It is believed that Russia is going to use their presence in Syria to establish a military relationship.

So far, 250,000 people were killed and 23 million people ran away from Syria. In addition to this, Syria has lost an air base in northwestern Syria and government troops have withdrawn from the central Idlib province.

Increased presence of Russia in Syria led to increased tensions between the United States and Russia. According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, additional military measures will be provided if it is considered necessary.

According to a statement of a senior U.S. official, it seems that Russia is ready to deploy heavy military assets to a Syrian airfield.

He added that the intentions of Russia remain unclear. The tensions between the US and Moscow have increased over the use of air space. Even though Moscow stated that humanitarian aid is brought to Syria, the US believes that they are using air space to bring military supplies.

Russia wanted to fly over Balkan states and avoid flying over Turkey. However, Washington pressured them into denying such approval. Bulgaria was the first to deny Russia’s request to use its airspace. If they allow it, they will want to check the cargo because they have some doubts about the contents.


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