Thursday , March 30 2017
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People in Paris are in danger of ISIS attacks


ISIS promised to cover the streets of Paris with corpses. This claim has been made in a video footage by a French militant fighting for IS in the Middle East.

The purpose of this message is to threaten anyone who is against the ISIS, whether he was French or not.

After he made his promise, this person killed a Syrian soldier and tossed his body off a cliff.

Many attacks took place in Paris this year. The first attack happened in January when IS militants killed 12 and injured 11 in the premises of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. This attack was led by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi.

On another occasion, a police officer was shot by Amedi Coulibaly. He even held some people as hostages at a kosher supermarket. All people responsible for this crime were killed by the police.


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