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Ready for anything: Russia deploys its most advanced spyplane to Syria

russia spy plane

Russia is about to include its most advanced spy plane in the fight against terrorist groups in Syria.

According to the Aviationist, Russia has deployed its most advanced spy plane, the Tu-214R, to its airbase in Latakia:

The aircraft is known to carry sensor packages to perform ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) missions: the antennae of the Tu-214R can intercept the signals emitted by the enemy systems (radars, aircraft, radios, combat vehicles, mobile phones etc) so as it can build the EOB (Electronic Order of Battle) of the enemy forces: where the enemy forces are operating, what kind of equipment they are using and, by eavesdropping into their radio/phone communications, what they are doing and what will be their next move.

The Russians are definitely not taking any chances. Saudi Arabia just began “North Thunder”, a massive military exercise involving 20 nations.

If  Turkish-Saudi threats turn into direct action in Syria, Russia will see it coming.



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