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Putin deployed 28 fighter jets to Syria and causes fear in the West

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It seems that the US considers both ISIS and Russia a threat and is unable to control the current situation in the Middle East.

Russia has sent 28 fighter jets to Syria as help to Assad’s regime. Russia has already sent a number of military forces into Syria and this is just an addition to it. Assad will use this military aid in fight against ISIS.

These 28 Russian fighter jets are located at an airfield in the western Syrian province of Latakia. According to some sources, it seems that Russia is also using drones over Syria.

The only conclusion is that Russia has increased its military presence in Syria in order to be ready for a new conflict. This is the first time that Russian forces are deployed outside the former Soviet Union.

Russia plans to provide defense to Assad and not engage in conflict with the US.

However, the US has warned that Russian involvement in Syria only leads to further conflict.

At the same time, Russia is using its diplomatic powers to get the coalition of Western and regional powers to fight along Assad against ISIS.

The US should devote more time to eliminating ISIS forces, instead of dwelling on Russia’s involvement. Current situation only supports numerous pieces of evidence which reveal that Islamic State forces are funded by Western forces.


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