Friday , April 28 2017
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Putin checkmates Clinton and NATO [Video]

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Russia decided to deploy an aircraft carrier to Syria. The newest fighter jets will be deployed to Syria.

Hillary Clinton is calling for a no-fly zone over Syria. In 2011, she did the same in Libya, through an official UN resolution. But what did Team America proceed to do instead? The no-fly zone was designed to circumvent Gaddafi’s own aircraft – while the US proceeded to bomb the territory, in clear contravention to the UN resolution, killing Gaddafi with the use of a drone.

Not this time Hillary – not this time.


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  • Bradlee Johnson

    And so???? Problem solved! And??? Oh you mean Vladimir deployed his ONLY aircraft carrier? Hahaha…. Drop back and go away Putin. Ur not a big boy or big fish. Your only a world bully. You will be dealt with by all the nations of NATO soon enough.

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