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Detroit doctor deceived 553 patients with cancer

Dr Farid Fata

A doctor from Michigan misdiagnosed approximately 553 patients with cancer. He is convicted to spend 45 years in jail because of this horrible crime against humanity.

Patients were given needless chemotherapy in order to get millions in health insurance.

Dr Farid Fata mistreated his patients by giving them unnecessary infusions or injections. He pleaded guilty to accusations that he had convinced his patients that they had terminal blood cancer. He also admitted that he was involved in 13 counts of Medicare fraud and money laundering.

He was forced to return $17.6 million that he obtained through his illegal and unethical actions.

He stated that he violated the Hippocratic oath and violated the trust of his patients. He tried to apologize by saying that he can’t express in words how sorry and ashamed he is.

Fata was in charge of multiple clinics across Eastern Michigan. He used the drug called Rituximab on his patients in order to expose them to life threatening conditions. This drug is known to deteriorate the immune system if overused. It has been reported that Fata used this drug even 94 times on one patient. This drug is usually given up to eight times. It has been concluded that Fata unnecessarily administered this drug over 9,000 times.

One patient stated that because of this treatment, he lost his teeth and suffered from uncontrollable body twitching. Other patients developed brittle bones and fried organs and were even forced into bankruptcy.


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