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Professor Geraint Lewis: Can we travel faster than the speed of light

speed of light

Traveling at the speed that is higher than the speed of light is still not feasible, but the possibility of achieving this at some point in the future is not ruled out.

It would take four years for a spacecraft traveling at a speed a bit under the speed of light to reach the nearest star and over two million years to reach the next nearest galaxy.

Professor Geraint Lewis believes that Einstein’s theory of relativity holds the explanation for the concept of traveling faster than light.

Einstein’s equation shows that bending and warping space could help us travel at any speed in the universe. On the basis of conventional physics, it is currently impossible, however professor Lewis believes that it is theoretically possible.

In order to have the ability to achieve any speed you can think of, a working warp drive has to be made of material whose energy density is negative. Professor Lewis further explains that such material does not exist at the moment, but it is believed that the universe has this material.

Negative energy density is within the empty space itself. Scientists and physicists have to find the way to take this energy out and use it to create a warp drive.


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