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Pope apologized for crimes committed against Native Americans


In his recent visit to Bolivia, Pope Francis delivered a speech. Among many things stated in this speech, Pope Francis apologized for countless heavy sins executed in the name of God by Catholic Church against Native Americans.

Pope Francis delivered some powerful statements in his speech. He sees the system as unbearable and everyone finds it unbearable too.

He compared unrestrained pursuit of money rules to the dung of the devil. Distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor should be fair and it is a commandment to Christians. He asked for absolution for the offenses of the Church and crimes committed against the native people.

He observed that colonialism has many faces, from those guided by greed and austerity measures imposed on workers and the poor. He added that many international summits are being organized but fail to deliver any significant result.

He sees the prosecution of Christians in the Middle East as genocide and it has to be condemned and ended.

Pope Francis spent a week in South America. Bolivian president Evo Morales gave a wooden crucifix laid atop a hammer and sickle as a present to Pope Francis. This is a symbol of communism which was formed during the Russian Revolution and the link between Communism and the Catholic Church is a delicate subject in Latin America.

A model was made by a Rev. Luis Espinal, a politically active priest who was murdered in Bolivia in 1980 and it was used for this crucifix.

Pope Francis landed in La Paz, Bolivia, on Wednesday. The first ever visit was welcomed by numerous South Americans.

Pope Francis discussed many topics some of which are challenges to the family, economic fairness and environmental protection and he strongly recommended political, religious and cultural leaders to work together.

It was unknown how Pope with one lung would handle the extremely high altitude of nearly 12,000 feet above the sea level. He was advised to chew coca leaves, which are a a local and legal remedy in his host country.

In his initial speech to nuns and priests he advised them not to forget about their origins and that they should not consider themselves as unique because they received a calling from God.

The Pope gave his attention to the young, the sick and the elderly and he literally embraced them.
He called for a new system of global justice. This new system will care more for the environment rather than economic profits and it will be based on human rights.

He openly discussed environmental policies of his host country. He also added that the purpose of education should be to help the poor and save the environment.

Pope Francis delivered a Mass at Bicentennial Park in Quito, Ecuador’s capital which was visited by more than 1 million people. During the mass he also said that people should focus more on faith rather than on geopolitics and should help and care for one another.


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