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Survey determined the number of ISIS supporters in Britain


A poll was conducted in order to determine the number of ISIS supporters in Britain. Based on ICM poll, ISIS is supported by one person in ten.

Since last year, the support for ISIS has risen from 7% to 9%. Three million Muslims live in Britain and these findings show that about half could be ISIS supporters or sympathizers.

Six percent of participants expressed their opinion as “somewhat favorable”, which is also higher percent than in the previous year.

However, 80% stated that they are against it.

The president of the Muslim Association of Britain, Omer El-Hamdoon stated that the government could be the reason why support of ISIS is on the rise. He added that people who are displeased with the new Tory policy of continued restrictions and civil rights strangulation are using this to state their aggravation.

A study was announced in the previous week, which combined results of four other polls. Based on this study, 8.5 million of people worldwide have a positive view of the ISIS group while around 42 million observe ISIS rather positively.

Based on the research carried out by the Washington Institute, Arab nations give less support to ISIS than European countries.

In a previous ICM poll, positive stance toward the Islamic State was expressed by one in six French people, while twice as many in Britain.

Director of Quilliam Foundation, Haras Rafiq stated that it is upsetting that people still this support the Islamic State even after a year of bloodshed and unkindness. He added that many people will be convinced to join if the IS keeps their hold of seized land. He suggests that Islamism has to be viewed as old-fashioned among young people as fascism and communism.




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