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Planetary alignment will cause a devastating earthquake soon! – VIDEO

planetary allignment

According to an online source, planetary alignments of the Earth, the Sun and Uranus can cause earthquakes on Earth. This piece of information was published on The Ditrianum Media YouTube channel.

According to the creator of this channel, Frank Hoogerbeets, this alignment increases the risk of a 8-magnitude quake.

Hoogerbeets is known for such predictions. He predicted that a 9.8 quake would strike California in May. However, his prediction was wrong.

People made fun of him because of this, but he doesn’t pay attention to that. Apparently, he successfully predicted that a 8.3 magnitude tremor would strike Chile on September 16.

The scientific community is against such predictions because they are not based on scientific facts. Astronomer Phil Plait stated that the alignment of planets cannot influence on seismic activity on Earth.

Hoogerbeets emphasized that earthquake happened each time the three objects in our solar system lined up. He is convinced that scientists have to take this fact into account in order to stop possible earthquakes in advance.

According to his channel, he successfully predicted two 7.8 magnitude earthquakes in April and in May at the Bonin Islands, Japan.

Hoogerbeets made a video in which he speaks of himself as a planetary alignment and earthquake analyst.



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