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Pentagon believes that Russia is playing dangerous games


According to a senior Pentagon official, Russia is playing a dangerous game and it is trying to be in charge of the rising tensions by threatening with nuclear weapons.
Robert Work stated that if a country thinks that anything can be controlled with nuclear weapons is irresponsible and thoughtless. If nuclear weapons are used to maintain escalations, the use of nuclear weapons would be the final escalation.

The tension between Russia and US has been increased by numerous events in the past months.

Notes from a meeting between the US officials and Russian generals became public and revealed that Russia is ready to commit certain actions if NATO locates forces into the Baltic states.

President Putin stated that they were ready to put nuclear forces on alert during the interview for a documentary about the annexation of Crimea.

Based on another event, Russia would be ready to use nuclear weapons on Denmark if they entered Nato’s missile defence programme.

In line with all this, Russia is intensifying its nuclear arsenal by developing 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Robert Work concluded that the purpose of Russian talk about their nuclear arsenal serves only to intimidate the US, NATO and its allies.

However, NATO has also been strengthening the number of military units in Eastern Europe.

In order to be able to confront Russia, NATO will position heavy weapons across Europe. The number of tanks, artillery, fighting vehicles and soldiers will be increased in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter stated that they are not looking to start a war, but will prevent any attacks on their allies.

NATO has recently practiced amphibious landings and naval maneuvers during a military exercise in the Baltic Sea. During a military exercise Noble Jump in Poland, NATO examined the promptness of task force designed to act in response to urgent situations.

NATO is about to review their own nuclear plan and Russia’s threats during a meeting in Brussels.


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