Saturday , February 25 2017
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Millions of Europeans rise up against George Soros

Europe is no longer fond of George Soros and his globalist agenda. Millions of Europeans across the continent are taking part in huge protests against billionaire elitist George Soros, in a clear message that Europe is rejecting his globalist agenda. The initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS) launched in the …

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Trump vows to ‘end cancer’ by deregulating ‘hidden drugs’

  President Trump has many plans for  the future. One of those plans includes the changes within the pharmaceutical industry. Donald Trump has pledged to accelerate cures for terminal illness as he took aim at the chief executives of America’s biggest pharmaceutical companies in front of the TV cameras Speaking to …

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Dairy industry to pump milk with brain tumor chemicals

The dairy industry wants to add cancer-causing chemicals into their product in order to reduce its calorie count. The dairy industry are lobbying the FDA to allow them to pump milk full of cancer-causing chemicals in an effort to introduce ‘reduced calorie’ versions of milk. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) …

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Trump has given Pentagon 30 days to develop plan to defeat terrorists

President Trump believes that 30 days is enough to defeat the largest terrorist organization. Trump gave Pentagon 30 days to develop a plan to defeat terrorists. Following a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin, Trump signed an executive order directing the military to develop a preliminary plan to defeat the terrorists …

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