Saturday , February 25 2017
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Soros Coup: Hundreds of thousands of fake protestors rock Romania

Hundreds of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in Romania in an attempted coup by George Soros to overthrow the Romanian government. Amid chaotic riots across the country, Romanians geared up for a sixth day of protests on Sunday under the guise of forcing its government to rid the country of …

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Saudi Arabia’s capital rocked by ballistic missile strike

It was reported that Saudi Arabia’s capital was hit by a Yemeni military missile. There are reasons to believe that this conflict could lead to a confrontation on a massive scale. Analysts fear the unprecedented strike on the US ally could be the start of a crisis leading to World War …

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George Soros blocks Trump’s ban on potential terrorists

It was reported that George Soros is behind a number of lawsuits intended to prevent Presidents Trump’s travel ban. Last Friday, one such Soros funded lawsuit heard by Federal District Judge James Robart, successfully blocked Trump’s executive order to thwart ISIS militants from entering the U.S. Of course, mounting this …

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Fast food packaging now found to have fluorinated chemicals

A study revealed that fast food containers also contain harmful chemicals. For all the attention paid to damaging fast food ingredients – it is only recently that a spotlight illuminated its packaging to be among the worst ingredients to which consumers could expose themselves. A comprehensive analysis of the prevalence …

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Cyber battalion sent to spy on Russians

A number of specialists will focus their attention and expertise to interceptimg intelligence from Russia. ARMY chiefs will mount their biggest cyber warfare operation against Russian forces by deploying a battalion of specialists to eastern Europe. More than 350 soldiers from 14 Signals regiment, supported by experts from the Government’s …

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Davos elite reveal plan to decode your brain

During the World Economic Forum the elite members of the society discussed various topics including the mind control technologies. During an Orwellian presentation, the Davos elite calmly boasted about being able to implant false memories into people’s brains and probe their victims’ thoughts. “Pre-crime” and “thought crime” ranks high on the agenda. …

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Trump’s travel ban suspended

The controversial travel ban introduced by President Trump has enraged many people. This ban was canceled by the US authorities. The Department of Homeland Security announced that it had suspended all actions to implement Trump’s immigration order and would resume standard inspections of travelers as it did prior to the …

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