Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Bernie Sanders: ‘Democrat Party is sinking like the Titanic’

Bernie Sanders stated that the Democratic Party is no longer as strong as it was. He even compared it to a sinking ship. Bernie Sanders compared the Democratic Party in 2017 to the ill-fated Titanic in a recent interview, adding that corrupt and self-interested Democrat leaders want to maintain the “status quo” …

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Iran given green light for naval base in Syria

It appears that Iran is about to construct a naval base in Syria. It was reported that apparently, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad approved this Iranian move. According to reports, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad approved the creation of an Iranian naval base close to the Hmeymim airbase used by Russia’s air …

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Kim Jong-un orders army to prepare for combat with U.S.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the army to prepare for combat with the U.S. as tensions between North Korea reach boiling point. North Korean authorities have called all soldiers currently on leave to return to their bases immediately, as the army enter into “combat mode,” in an attempt to tighten security …

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List of android devices found containing CIA malware

It was reported that malware could be found on 38 different Android devices. A commercial scanner revealed these facts. A list of malware infected Android devices has been released, after a commercial scanner found instances of malware preinstalled on 38 devices. The find comes just days after WikiLeaks revealed that the CIA routinely …

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Turkey to flood millions of terrorists into Europe after EU argument

Relations between Turkey and the Netherlands began to deteriorate. The consequences of this could be terrible for Europe. Turkey has threatened to flood Europe with millions of potential terrorists following an escalation in tensions between Turkish and European authorities. Diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands have reached a new low, …

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