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UK officially declare Russia ‘threat to national security’

The relations between the UK and Russia could seriously deteriorate as the UK considers Russia a growing threat to national security. The director general of the MI5 intelligence agency in the UK has declared Russia a “threat to national security” in a grave warning on Monday. Speaking with the Guardian, …

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World War 3: Putin declares Norway an ‘enemy’ of Russia

It was reported that Norway allowed deployment of US troops on its land which Russia considers as unacceptable. Frants Klintsevich, a deputy chairman of Russia’s defence and security committee, warned that Russia will now consider using nuclear weapons against Norway as the deployment of 330 US marines was an obvious provocation …

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NATO troops test Ukrainian weapons in Donbass (PHOTOS)

It was reported that members of NATO troops arrived in Ukraine. The purpose of their visit is to test some weapons in Donbass. An inspection team from Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands met with the command of the 93rd Kharkov mechanized guard brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces. The official …

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Treason: Clinton sold State secrets to Middle East via Huma Abedin

It is believed that Hillary Clinton disclosed highly classified information to her closest aide Huma Abedin.  According to a protective detail assigned to guard Hillary Clinton and her two residences, Abedin often overrode standard security protocols during trips to the Middle East, and changed procedures for handling classified data, including CIA briefs intended …

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Iceland kick FBI out of the country

It was revealed that FBI is no longer welcome in Iceland. The decision was made when it was clear that the United States authorities visited Ireland on the false pretext. Iceland kicked the FBI out of the country after learning the United States authorities lied to them about the purpose of their …

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Special forces sneak into North Korea to destroy Kim’s nukes

It was revealed that the US engaged in an operation to destroy Kim’s nukes. The operation is top secret and the plan is to reduce the growing threat of North Korea. United States and South Korean forces apparently staged the operation – dubbed Teak Knife – recently. On Thursday (October 27) a …

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Hillary Clinton cancels public events amid media blackout

The FBI announced that the agency is about to relaunch the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. A connection has been made between this announcement and sudden cancellation of all Hillary’s public appearances. The reopening of the case has sent the Clinton campaign into complete chaos, according to reports. According to …

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