Saturday , February 25 2017
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Wisconsin recount Shows Hillary Clinton rigged election

Evidence of suspicious behavior regarding the election process in Wisconsin prove that the election  was rigged. Officials involved in the Wisconsin recount have come forward with evidence of tampered voting machines that they say proves Hillary Clinton rigged the election. Election observers designated on behalf of Jill Stein have shared …

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George Soros announces China must lead the New World Order

George Soros expressed his views on the current topics in an interview with the Financial Times. In an interview with the Financial Times, George Soros has subtly laid out the banksters’ plan for ushering in the New World Order, announcing that China must lead the New World Order, “creating it and …

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Bizarre ‘bio warfare’ storm kills five in Kuwait

It was reported that five people were killed in a bizzare event that happened in Kuwait.  A bizarre “bio warfare” storm has killed five people in Kuwait, just days after a similar storm hit Australia killing six and leaving thousands of others hospitalized. Five expatriate workers died from “severe asthma …

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UN passes resolution urging Israel to leave Syria’s Golan Heights

Israel is urged by 37 countries to withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights. The UN has passed an official resolution which demands this. The United Nations General Assembly has once again adopted a resolution demanding that Israel withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights, territory that they have occupied since 1967. The resolution, which had been …

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Scientists Discovered More Evidence Of Ancient Life On Mars! [Video]

Scientists have discovered biosignatures on Earth that look extremely similar to deposits seen on Mars. The tantalizing research was published in the journal Nature Communications, led by Steve Ruff and Jack Farmer of Arizona State University (ASU). They studied outflows from hot springs in El Tatio, Chile, near the edge …

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Obama to sign bill making ‘alternative media’ illegal

The United States invented additional measures to protect itself from harmful influence of the so-called Russian propaganda. A new ‘anti-Russian propaganda’ bill is to be signed into law which will make it illegal to run an alternative media website in the United States. Under the guise of combatting “Russian propaganda,” …

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