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Orban stated his opinion on Soros and his help to refugees


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made some serious accusations regarding George Soros and his activities.

His direct support of refugee crisis leads to destabilization of European countries.

According to Orban, Soros is just one of the few prominent figures who support every possible situation which weakens European nations, and this time it is being done by supporting the refugee crisis.

As Soros supports those trying to help refugees, he grants money to organizations that provide legal assistance to asylum seekers.

Soros expressed his opinion on such claims, stating that his foundations try to maintain European values while Orban intentionally weakens those values by his actions, such as build a razor-wire fence on the border in order to prevent refugees from entering Hungary.

Their views differ because Soros thinks that refugees should be protected, while Orban sees them as an obstacle and a threat.


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