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NATO will act against those who threaten Turkey – VIDEO


According to Jens Stoltenberg, NATO will provide protection to Turkey and its allies. This statement was made at a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels.

This decision was influenced by a claim that Turkish airspace was violated by a Russian warplane. This claim was discarded by McClatchy.

This situation could have escalated into a fierce incident, as Turkish fighter jets were ready to attack Russian jets if they had crossed the Turkish border. Turkish radar caught the Russian aircraft while it was attacking a target in al Yamdiyyah.

Turkey has a so-called buffer zone, which allows them to attack anyone who is within 5 miles of the Turkish border. Such intruder is considered an enemy and Turkey has every right to attack it.

Apparently, Turkey is supporting a partnership of Islamist and Salafist units whose aim is to set up a Sunni Wahhabist state under Sharia law in Syria.

Russia has targeted Ahrar ash-Sham because it is the most powerful and effective jihadist group fighting in Syria.

It can be concluded that NATO supports ISIS by planning to interfere with the current state of affairs.  It was even revealed in the US Defense Intelligence Agency document from 2012 that the US, Turkey and Gulf states provided support to ISIS.


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