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Greece might set an example to other European spuntries


In line with the given report, Greece is unable to repay its debt. Furthermore, the Troika’s arrangements are the direct cause of the debt, present the direct infringement on the fundamental human rights of the Greek nation.

Based on these unlawful, dishonest and horrible events, the only conclusion is that Greece should not pay this debt.

The deadline for repayment of debt is in two weeks.

According to other sources, Greece demands that their debt is declared horrible and not binding. Other European countries in the future, might do the same, following Greece’s example.

This crisis will be discussed at an emergency meeting in Brussels.

The Troika’s response will be to attempt to seize Greek assets or take its case to the Hague.

Unquestionably, Greece is going to cease to be a part of the European Union as a consequence of their refusal to pay the IMF.


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