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Military experts are amazed by Russia’s military capabilities


Experts did not consider Russia capable of efficient military actions in Syria.  Most of them considered the Russian air and naval forces incapable of such actions.

These analyses were made by Western analysts who have a tendency to diminish the strength of Russia’s military.

In reality, Russia conducted more air strikes in one day than the US ever did in one month.

When it comes to Russian Navy, everyone is amazed how they managed to launch long-range cruise missiles from simple ships positioned in the Caspian Sea. This combination of cruise missiles with small-size armed corvette warships had never been seen before.

Military experts who didn’t believe that Russia is capable of such military success can no longer discredit Russia’s capabilities. Russian actions speak louder than words.

Ever since September 30, Russia has been engaged in air strikes intended to help President Bashar al-Assad in his fight against militants in Syria.


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