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Migrants rush to Sweden because they were promised an easy life and a blonde


It seems that smugglers are using everything they can in order to convince the refugees to pay them to get to Scandinavia.

If Arab migrants choose to go to Scandinavia, smugglers promise to provide them with “free blond Swedish girls”.

Smugglers are targeting anyone who is trying to get to Europe. Those people are not just from Syria.

Many offers can be found online and they include asylum in Sweden and accommodation in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense.

In addition to free luxurious housing, a connection with free, young and blond girls from Sweden is also being promised.

It seems that refugees are being attracted by the money and girls.

The advertisement even stated that Swedish women are looking for “real men” and apparently those real men are refugees, who plan to live from government welfare.

It must be noted that percentage of rape in Sweden has increased by 1400% ever since large amount of foreigners came into the country. The majority of people responsible for rape were foreigners.

The reports about people who are trying to get to Europe indicate that 72% of the migrants are men, 13% women and 15% children.

Therefore, the claims that Syrian families are the majority of those who are running away from war and ISIS are simply not true.

Muslims are even encouraged to use the migrant crisis as an opportunity to breed with European citizens and overpower their countries.


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