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Meteor showers are closely connected with mass extinctions


Meteor showers are potentially dangerous to Earth. Scientists are worried that a meteor shower could happen in the near future.

Meteor showers and the journey of the planets through the Milky Way are connected. Apparently, the scientists have noticed a certain activity in other orbits.

Meteor showers take place on a 26-million year cycle. According to scientists, they happened at the same time as the mass extinctions over the last 260-million years.

Even though the last meteor shower took place 11 million years ago, the latest study revealed that the Earth could be in danger.

According to geologist Michael Rampino, comet activity has been increased over the last one to two million years. There is evidence to support the belief that the meteor shower is currently happening.

Professor Rampino conducted a study with the Carnegie Institute’s Ken Caldeira to determine when meteor impacts and extinctions occurred. According to their findings, mass extinctions occurred after five of the six largest impacts.

Professor Rampino concluded that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between the formation of these impacts and extinction events.


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