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Marine Le Pen satisfied with the results of Greek referendum

Marine Le Pen

After the Greek referendum, other countries could follow Greece’s example and might start their own negotiations with the Troika. Those countries are Italy, Spain and Portugal and France.

Based on reports, Marine Le Pen was satisfied with the initial results of the Greek referendum. Marine Le Pen described this victory as the end of domination of the European Union. She also thinks that European countries should consider the example of Greece and start their own negotiations in order to dismiss system of a single currency.

The European Central Bank should be worried by such course of actions, especially because Marine Le Pen became quite influential in France and in Europe in the past year ever, as her party performed well in European parliamentary and French regional elections.

According to survey results, in presidential elections in 2017 she could reach the second round or even win.

She used the dissatisfaction with Socialist President Francois Hollande’s management of the economy and rising unemployment as her advantage.

In addition to this, recent Wikileaks NSA data release disclosed that French economy is worse than ever.

Policy of Le Pen is based on the end of the common currency zone and re-establishment of national-based policies in every area.


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