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MAPPED: Could your town be flooded? Terrifying maps show impact of future sea level rises


Melting of polar ice caps increases the risk of a flood in numerous cities across the world.

Website Surging Seas maps the potential devastation to global cities if the polar ice caps continue to melt the way they are.

The website was created by scientists Benjamin Strauss and Scott Kulp of Climate Central in collaboration with Anders Levermann of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research.

Although the researchers admit that their research is not certain, they state that the devastation to parts of the world would be irreversible by 2100.

This would happen if carbon emissions are put into the atmosphere at the same rate, causing the global temperature of the world to rise by just four degrees celsius.

London would be the worst affected city in the UK, as the Thames overflows and permanently floods north and south of the river.

The east of England will also have to pay the price for rising sea levels as the likes of Boston, Skegness, King’s Lynn and Whittlesey, all the way up to Scunthorpe and Doncaster would feel the effects.

Other major areas in the UK such as Hartlepool, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bognor Regis will also feel the force of carbon emissions, which will cause the ice caps to melt, thus rising sea levels.

The team said: “China, the world’s leading carbon emitter, also leads in coastal risk, with 145 million people living on land ultimately threatened by rising seas if emission levels are not reduced.”


The team added: “Twelve other nations each have more than 10 million people living on land at risk, led by India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

“Next on the list is the US, where land inhabited by 25 to 34 million people could be affected, including the majority of residents in 1,500 or more municipalities and 25 or more cities with at least six-digit populations.”



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  • Aaron Matteson

    this is so stupid. i’d rather trust edgar cayce’s predictions of flood zones, like the mississippi river. of course the most southern parts of FL and Louisiana are susceptible, shit is already flooded, same with central Nebraska and mississippi river.

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