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Do not disagree with feminists – you could go to jail!


Freedom of speech could be seriously compromised if a man is put into jail for simply disagreeing with feminists on Twitter.

Greg Elliott could be sent to prison for 6 months because he stated different opinion to those of Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly in their campaign.

This 54-year-old man was put under arrest in 2012 and lost his job as a graphic designer after he disapproved of a campaign by activists Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly.

The purpose of their campaign was to publicly call out a designer of an online video game, which allowed players to simulate punching feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian in the face.

He stated that their act to publicly shame the designer of this game was as vicious as his game. He added that such act could lead a guy to put his own life into danger and commit a suicide. He simply wanted them to stop what they were trying to do.

Guthrie and Reilly understood this as harassment and felt fear for their safety. And this is enough for Canada’s anti-harassment law to consider someone as an offender. This matter is serious because if Elliott is convicted, this would mean that feminists could demand that everyone is sent to prison for simply disagreeing with them. Even being tagged in tweets is considered as harassment by these feminists.


Toronto Police Detective Jeff Bangild noted that Elliot has never said anything that can be understood as sexual harassment, hate speech or violent rhetoric.

The ruling is set to happen on October 6 and it will have serious consequences on the online freedom of speech.


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