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Uranium mine responsible for Kazakhstan sleeping sickness


The inhabitants of two villages in Kazakhstan have been under the influence of unknown sleep-inducing disease since 2013. The cause of disease has been identified to be a closed uranium mine.

Deputy Prime Minister Berdybek Saparbayev stated that this mine discharges high concentrations of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. Discharges of these gases happened at the same time as occurrences of disease.

Inhabitants of two villages Kalachi and Krasnogorsky reported the symptoms of sleepiness, nausea and hallucinations in March 2013. Approximately one in ten people suffered from this disease.

Initially, inhabitants thought that the radiation from the mine is the cause. Indeed, high levels of radiation were measured near the mine when the crew was filming the documentary about this disease.

Because the results of the research have been independently confirmed in Moscow and Prague, the local authorities decided to relocate inhabitants of both villages to another location.

Krasnogorsky used to have a population of 6,500 when the mine was working. After it was closed in early 1990s, the population dropped to 130. Today, Kalachi has some 600 residents.




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