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Jihadists posted new videos claiming the responsibility for the crash of the Russian plane – VIDEO

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Under the name of Sinai Brothers, several jihadists took the responsibility for the crash of the Russian plane. One of the people in this video in fluent Russian stated that other attacks will happen in the future.

A statement that the plane crash was caused by an explosion can have a negative impact on the tourism rate in Egypt. Egyptian authorities consider such statement impulsive and groundless.

Based on the satellite images, it was concluded that the plane crash could have been caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.

Tourists from Britain and Russia were the main guests at the resorts in Sharm El Sheikh. After this catastrophic event, the number of tourists will drop significantly.

The reason why Sharm El Sheikh was used for this attack was due to careless security at its airport. According to British tourists, even when the metal detector went off, their belongings were never examined.

Media outlets in Egypt and Russia have already reported that an engine explosion was the cause of the crash. However, it still has to be determined if a technical fault was the cause or it was something else.

In a video published a few hours after the crash, a doctor at a crash site stated that recovered bodies had evident burn marks. Despite that, forensic experts stated that traces of explosives were not discovered on the bodies.

Metrojet Airline Company said that some external factor is the cause of the crash. Until all security checks are performed by the UK aviation experts, all flights from Sharm to Britain are delayed.

The jihadist group even posted an audio message online in which they call the authorities to disprove their claims if they can. They said that they will reveal how they managed to bring the plane down.

Latest details about the crash include recording from a black box from the Airbus 321. This recording revealed strange sounds several moments before the plane disappeared off the radar and crashed into the Sinai Peninsula.

Reports from forensic experts disclosed that passengers sitting at the rear had shrapnel wounds and suffered 90 per cent burns, when a blast blew off the tail wing.

Minutes before the crash, air traffic controllers had a routine conversation with the members of the plane crew.

Even though everything seemed in order, unusual sounds were recorded minutes before the crash.

Among the numerous victims is one of famous Russian models, Yelena Domashnyaya. She was on a vacation in Sharm El Sheikh with her friend and colleague.

Egyptian rescue teams have expanded the search area to 40 square kilometers. So far, 33 victims were identified.

Egyptian authorities revealed that the plane did not break up in the middle and that a distress call was never received.

The official investigation is still ongoing and Russian officials avoid declaring the cause of the crash. However, the claim that the plane was brought down by a missile is definitely ruled out.


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