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Shark attack caught on camera during a surfing contest

Mick Fanning

During the J-Bay open competition one of the surfers had a close encounter with a shark.

While Mick Fanning was in the water sitting on his board, a shark suddenly bumped into his board and he had to fight it off.

He even managed to hit the shark on its back before it swam away from him. He stated that he just felt something around his feet, and after it bumped into his board, he saw the fin and was waiting to see the shark coming at him with its jaw open.

This unfortunate event was broadcasted live on TV. He did not resume competing in J-Bay Open.

Another contestant was in the water during this incident. Julian Wilson said that he saw everything and that he is happy that Fanning managed to survive.

This is not the first documented attack. The shark has bitten in half a 74-year-old victim at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa.


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