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‘It could be a UFO’ Bizarre photo shows car-sized object lit up in the sky


An image was taken recently which appears to show an unidentified object. This photograph  is said to represent a UFO.

Retired HGV driver Terry Fox took the photo of what appears to be a lit-up car-sized object hovering above a train station in Castleford, West Yorkshire, on Monday.

The 66-year-old said the image, which he captured while attempting to photograph a rainbow, has sparked fears of an alien invasion in the town.

Father-of-three Mr Fox said: “When I first looked at it I thought it could look real – it definitely looks like it could be a UFO.

“I couldn’t really believe it myself. I posted it on Facebook and said ‘it is a UFO – aliens have come’. You never know.

“I was quite surprised the photo got such a big reaction on social media. It was the talk of the town, people were asking what it could be.

“I have an open mind about life in open space and believe there could be life out there – I guess we will find out soon enough.

“Scientists always say you have to have water, oxygen and foot for there to be life but there could be something else, different forms of existence which don’t need all those things.”

Mr Fox, who is originally from Newcastle, had popped into The Station pub in Castleford at about 4pm on Monday after finishing the shopping.

View the photo HERE.

He spotted a beautiful rainbow over the town’s train station while enjoying a drink with partner of 18 years Liz Batty, 75, and decided to capture it on camera.

But when the pensioner, who is also stepdad to Ms Batty’s three children, looked back at the photo he was shocked to see the apparent image of a flying saucer.

The huge object seen apparently hovering over the train station in the photograph looks to be bigger than a car and has a lit-up band around its middle.

Mr Fox said: “We popped into The Station for a drink after doing some shopping.

“I took a couple of photographs of the rainbow and then took this one, it was raining a lot in the pictures.

“Some people have said it is a UFO but others said they thought it looked unreal.

“I thought I could show it to scientists and say ‘I have taken a picture of this’ and see what they say.

“The exact angle I took it from meant it really could pose as a UFO.

“But it could also be the reflection of the pub light because I was taking it through the window.

“I can’t be sure as I haven’t been back to the pub since to have a proper look.”


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